More Seedling Cuttings

I have a few white pine which I started from seeds, and were growing outside for the past few weeks. Since they were growing indoors (right under a south facing window) before I brought them out, I figured they would do fine with the smoldering sun. Alas, they got a bit burnt, the needles bleached. Ultimately, they bounced back, and are now growing vigorously once again. The stem has turned purple, and this apparently is a good sign that the seedlings are ready to be made into cuttings.

Black Pine Seedling in Pot

The last time cuttings were made, I believe it was made too prematurely (the stem was still green). This time, I hope to have better luck. Rather than using growth hormone to stimulate roots development, I’ve decided to use honey instead. The two rooting hormones I’ve tried didn’t produced impressive results. I’m hoping honey will yield better results.

Black Pine Seedling

Honey as a Hormone

Black Pine Seedling Cutting

It’s again potted into diatomaceous earth with a sand central core. This  flat of seedling cuttings are left outside in a south facing area exposed to roughly 50% of sun. I currently keep a plastic colander over the seedlings to ensure they receive some sun, but not as much that it dries the seedlings. As I do not have a misting setup, it’ll be difficult to maintain these seedlings in full sun. The colander would hopefully provide sufficient sun, wind, and rain protection.

Black Pine Seedling Potted


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