Double Trunk Larch

The bonsai workshop last month featured larches. So I decided to take the plunge and attend my first bonsai workshop. Larches are conifers, but they do shed their leaves over winter, which makes a quite an interesting specimen to work with. Some larches’ leaves turn golden yellow over fall, before shedding them. Out of the nursery stock of 8 larches, I picked one with a double trunk. Double trunk provides some interesting design considerations, so this will be an interesting learning experience. The workshop started out without enough senior members to pair up with all the junior workshop participants. So I was getting help from various senior members, all interesting opinions, but they were all just that, opinions. At the end of the day, it was my tree, and it’s how I want it that mattered. I’m quite impressed that all the senior members didn’t try to project their opinions, and allowed me to express my own creativity. After cutting down the 4 feet plant to a little less than 2 feet, wired up a new apex, wired the main branch, and removing most of the branches (mostly the branches growing between the trunks), I have a good silhouette of what I want the double trunk to look like. This is the classic mother-and-child setup, with the bigger tree towering over the smaller tree, almost like protecting it.

Twin Trunk Larch Now all I have to do is to further develop the branches and hopefully get some ramification and develop the new leader into an apex. Will post more updates as they become available. Time to fertilize this little tree like crazy to promote some new growth! I was told that larch branches thickens up quickly. I already tried to wire a bit loosely to accommodate for that, such that the wires don’t bite into the branches too soon. I’ll be keeping a close eye to ensure it doesn’t bite in.


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