Tree Seedlings Unsurfaced

Looking at the weather forecast for the coming 10 days, the temperature will fluctuate around 0 degrees. Since the tree seedlings I buried late autumn are all somewhat hardy, I’ve decided to dig them out from the ground for a good doze of full sun, and hopefully kick start their growing season.

Although the outside temperature is well above freezing during the day, I was surprised to find that the ground was still frozen just a few inches underground.  It wasn’t much of an issue for my seedlings, since they all had shallow pots.  It was only problematic for my Japanese maple which was in a 6″ pot. With the Japanese maple’s pot  frozen solid in the ground, it was difficult to get the thing out. I dug around it as much as I can to expose the soil to the warmer outside temperature to thaw the frozen soil.

Now all the plants are out of the garden bed, and back into a full sun position.

20140414-Bonsai out of the ground

There are immediate signs of growth on the seedlings. All except one which I overfed last season. Unfortunately, I believe is gone for good. But I’ll give it a few more weeks to see if it comes back to life.

My Mugo Pine Mops is doing well. In spite of being told by a senior member of the club that the new growth late last summer would not have hardened enough to survive the winter, they all survived, and is already showing signs of growth.

20140414-Mugo Pine Mops

Since the Mops is doing so well, I may just try repotting it this year. Would like to try potting it in a plastic colander to see how well it’ll do.




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