Propagating Brush Cherry

During the last Toronto Bonsai Club meeting there was a workshop for working on the Brush Cherry (Syzygium australe). These tropical trees are very flexible, and will flower, and produce fruits. It was quite informative for me to understand the steps in transforming a nursery stock into an early bonsai.

  1. Determine the front of the tree.
  2. Decide on the main branch, it will mark the 1/3 point of the tree, thus, also determining the total height of the tree.
  3. Now work up the tree to find the secondary branch and onward.
  4. Repot the tree into the bonsai pot after some root pruning. Thread tie-down wires through the drainage holes. Put a mount of bonsai soil at the bottom of the pot. Work the tree into the mount, poking the soil to ensure there are no air pockets between the roots and the soil. Now use the tie-down wires to secure the tree.
  5. Work the upper 1/3 of the tree to find a new leader and reduce the top such that vigor can be directed downwards to develop the lower branches.

After the workshop, I also walked away with a handful of cuttings. Hoping that these cuttings can develop into some new plants.


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