Pine Cuttings Development

It’s been two months since I made the first cuttings from the batch of pine seedlings back in November. Since then, I’ve lost a lot (5+) of seedlings cuttings. I find that they usually rot away if the stem is too deep into the soil, and also the stem is prone to rot away if I used the gel type rooting hormone (too strong?). As I’ve been losing seedlings due to cuttings, the seedlings which remained in the nursery tray seems to be losing vigour as well. These seedlings served their purpose well, as they were meant to help me obtain some seedling cuttings experience. After much trial and error, I’ve learned the below:

  1. Be patient. Don’t make cuttings too early, wait for the seedlings to be at least a month old before making cuttings out of them.
  2. The stem of the cutting should be at around 1cm long.
  3. Use a softwood hormone (the powder) rather than the gel hormone.
  4. When planting, ensure there is a small gap between the first needles and the soil level.
  5. Keep the seedling inside a terrarium to maintain humidity and ensure airflow.
  6. Mist the seedling every other day, ensure to use a fine mist as not to dislodge the seedling.
  7. Hope for the best.

Here are two of my seedling cuttings which put out new growth.


The below seedling cutting in particular is growing quite vigorously. This gives me confidence that it’s developed a good root system.


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