Preparing Japanese Maple for the Winter

A few months back I purchased a nursery stock Japanese Maple from a season end fire sale. I’ve waited and waited for it to drop its leaves, but the temperature out there is getting really cold, yet it still holds on to its leaves. I decided to perform my fall trimming and put it into the ground even though it hasn’t fully lost all its leaves yet.


This is pretty much how it looked when I first bought it, minus a few leaves that dropped, the tree is still pretty leafy. I started trimming hard on the tree, following the design I had in mind. There was a big cut at the split of a branch, which I had covered with cutting paste to help it along the healing process.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I’ve trimmed all the unnecessary branches, and cut back the excessively long ones, I dug a hole in the backyard, and buried the tree in. It’ll stay there for the rest of the winter until spring comes along. At which time, I’ll be air-layering the top portion, and hopefully, I’ll end up with the bonsai I designed. More about this tree next spring.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s what the tree looks like tucked away in a corner in my backyard, against a fence for wind protection.



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