Pine Seedling Sprouting

Two weeks ago, I planted a batch of pine seeds that came out of stratification (from the fridge). This week, I see them sprouting out from the sand bed.


The bigger plant in the upper right of the photo is a peach. Don’t know how good it’ll do as a bonsai, but since it’s $0 cost to acquire, I thought it’s worth a try. The other pine seedlings are just sprouting all around. Sprouting seems to be very dependable, since I put the seeds through scarification prior to stratification.


This time I got to make sure to keep the medium wet, such that the seedlings won’t dry out and die like the last time. Hopefully these will develop into seedlings big enough for me to try some of them out as seedling cuttings. It’ll be a good opportunity to acquire some experience before performing it on the black pine or red pine seedlings later in spring.


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