Seeds Planting (Take 2)

The last round of seeds only yielded 1 plant. Quite disappointing to say the lease. Considering that I planted well over 20 seeds. But those seeds were obtained from pine cones which already opened, so, perhaps they were not viable to begin with.

The one seedling that sprouted was quite fragile… I missed one day of watering, and it wittered away. I’ve now learned to be more diligent when watering the little things next time they sprout.

So, here’s my second attempt at starting bonsais from seed. This time, the seeds are from a pine cone found at Edwards Garden. Presumable it was from a large pine, because the pine cone has over 90 seeds in it. The seeds went to scarification in warm water, where they all sink to the bottom (indicating that they’re viable seeds). The seeds were then put in a ziplock bag with sphagnum moss for 2.5 months, and put into the fridge to complete the stratification process.

Now the seeds are ready to be planted.


I first setup my pot with bonsai soil lining the bottom, then topped with sand. Next, I lightly spray the top with water, and then punch in holes (with tweezers) for which the seeds will reside.


Next, is to drop the seeds into place… painstakingly one by one.


To complete the process, just add a bit more sand on top, level it, then pad it down a bit with my hand to ensure the sand do not run too much when watered. Now what’s left is just wait and hope they sprout.

My son helped me throughout the process, and was able to step by step replay the whole process back to me. I’m quite impressed with his attention to details.


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