Spring Comes Early! Pine Seeds Sprouting

A few months ago, my son and I went out and collected some pine seeds for planting. We put the seeds through scarification, then through stratification in the fridge for 60 days. Last week, I sowed the seeds into a pot containing my bonsai mix, plus a fine layer of sand on top for which the seeds are sowed. Yesterday, one of the seeds sprouted! (As seen in the lower left corner in the picture below)

ImageI’ve also sowed some cherry, prune, and maple seeds. Still hopeful that they’ll sprout as well. My hopes for the rest of the pines aren’t that high, since the seeds were gathered from pine cones from last year. I’ve got some other seeds in the fridge ready to be planted in its place if these pines don’t sprout. The ones in the fridge right now are from this year’s pine cone, so they’re nice and fresh. Below is a close-up view of the loan sprouting pine.



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