Mops Mugo Pine


Got this little one a few months ago thinking that it was good pick because:

  1. It has very small needles.
  2. The Sheridan Nursery store was going out of business, so there was a 70% off regular price.

After the impulse buy, did some research and found that this being a dwarf, is very slow growing, and would only take one insult per year. The insult I did against it this year is to trim off all the branches which will not contribute to my final design, and trained the remaining branches. Slowly, I’m moving the left arm downwards, to form the cascading arm of a future cascading bonsai. Potentially next year I’ll be doing a re-pot, and moving it into a bonsai pot, cascading to the left. An online source indicates that these trees are better off re-potted during summer when it’s growing vigorously. Although this is a slow growing tree, but I do believe that it’s short deep green needles will be very rewarding to develop as a bonsai. I have great expectations for this tiny little tree.

For some reason, my work done on the tree during the summer has initiated some late growths. (Got to remember to limit my activities to only spring and fall.) A member from the bonsai indicated that the new growths will probably not have hardened enough to last through the winter. I sure hope he’s wrong about this one. For the time being, I’m exposing it to full sun, hoping the new growths will harden up in time for winter. Also, during the winter, I’ll have to be extra careful and ensure the plant is well sheltered from the elements (wind).


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